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DIY Postpartum Padsicles

DIY Postpartum Padsicles


DIY frozen pads (padsicles) are an amazing, easy to do activity that can be done in those last few weeks of pregnancy. You will be thanking yourself in the first 48 hours postpartum. I promise! You only need a few ingredients, a freezer and an hour of free time. 

To make your padsicles, you will need:

  1. Extra absorbant pads

  2. Aloe Vera Gel

  3. Alcohol-free Witch Hazel

  4. Large freezer bags

  5. Essential oils if you choose to use them


I'd advise buying a large pack of extra absorbent pads and doing up a full batch. You will most likely use 3-4 a day for the first few days. Any extras you have can always be donated to a friend or mom-to-be in a local moms group (there are probably a bunch of local-to-you groups on facebook).

How To:

  1. Open pad but make sure to leave the backing wrapper on it. You will be wrapping them back up to avoid them sticking together in freezer bags. Peel off the inner paper.

  2. Put a large tablespoon of aloe vera gel onto pad and spread it evenly all around.

  3. Put a large tablespoon of witch hazel (mixed with a few drops essential oil if using) onto pad and spread it around. Liquid will mix with aloe vera gel.

  4. Wrap the pads back up and put them in freezer bag. Presto!

  5. Store in the freezer until its time to heal. Take one out at a time and let thaw for a few minutes before using.

You can use the extra ingredients from your postpartum padsicles in a spray bottle and voila! An easy peasy super awesome perineal spray. Spritz it on your healing parts after going to the washroom, after bathing or whenever you need a little extra care down there. We all know the joys of pregnancy can lead to less than fun side effects. The ingredients used for your postpartum padsicles are also really great for healing hemorrhoids... an added bonus! The healing spray, not the hemorrhoids!  

Wishing you an easy recovery and joyous postpartum period.

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